Class 11 English chapter 2 Question answers


Class 11 English chapter 2 Question answers

Understanding the text:-


List the steps taken by the captain-

  1. To protect the ship when rough weather began.

Answer: In order to protect the ship from rough weather, the captain decided to slow it down, so he dropped the storm jib and lashed heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stern. Then they double fastened everything and went through their lift-raft drill.

2. Check the flooding of the water in the ship.


Answer: Larry and Herb started pumping out water. The captain stretched canvas and secured water proof hatch cover across the gaping holes. When the two hand pumps blocked and electric pump short circuited, he found another electric pump, connected it to an out pipe and started it.

Question2. Describe the mental condition of the voyagers on 4th and th January.

Answer: On January 4th, the voyagers felt relived after 36 hours of continuous pumping out water. They had their first meal in almost two days. Their respite was short- lived. They faced dangerous situation on January 5th fear of death loomed large. They under great mental stress.


Question3. Describe the shifts in the narration of events as indicated in the three sections of the next. Give a subtitle to each section.

Answer: The first section describes a peaceful journey from Plymouth to 3500km east to Cape town. The narrator is relaxed and full of confidence. As the weather deteriorated, they faced gigantic waves. They took Precautions to save themselves and struggle with the disaster. The narration grim. But it exude the fighting spirit, confidence and strong will power. The morning of January 6, wave walker rode out the storm and by evening they sighted the Amsterdam island.

The narrator is now relaxed. Joy, relief and complete confidence are apparent.

The subtitle of each section is-

Section 1- cheerful journey

section 2- Facing of wave

section 3- Searching the island


Class 11 English chapter 2 Question answers

Talking About The Text-

Question 1. What difference did you notice between the reaction of the adults and the children when faced danger ?

Answer: There is a lot of difference between the way in which the adults and the children reacted when faced with danger. The adults felt the stress of the circumstances but prepared themselves to face the danger.

They took sufficient precautions to protect the ship when the rough weather began. They equipped everyone with lifelines, water proof clothes, and life jackets Larry and Herb cheerfully and optimistically for three days continuously to pump out water from the ship.

Mary replaced the narrator at the wheel when the deck was smashed and steered the ship. She also served them meal after two days of struggle against odds. The narrator performed his role as captain with courage determination, resourceful repair work and provided apparatus and direction needed to protect the ship.

He also helped in steering ship towards the island. The children suffered silently and patiently. Sue did not want to bother her father with her troubles. Jon ated courageously. He was not afraid to die if all them perished together.

Question2. How does the story suggested the optimism help to “endure the direct stress” ?

Answer: The story suggest that optimism certainly hep to endure the direst stress. The behavior of the four adults during crisis bears it out Larry vigil and Herb seigler were two crewman. As the mighty waves smashed the deck water entered the ship through many holes. Right from the evening of January 2, Larry and Herb started pumping out water. They worked continuously for 36 hours.

Class 11 English chapter 2 question answer
Class 11 English chapter 2 question answer

It was a result of their continous pumping that they reached the last few centimeters of water on January 4. They remained cheerful and optimistic while facing dangerous situation. The narrator did not lose his courage. He did not worry about the loss of equipments. He used whatever was available there. His self confidence and practical knowledge helped them to steer out of storm and reach the lie Amsterdam island.

Extra Questions and short answer type questions:-

Question1. Who was the narrator? What adventurous task did he take one?

Answer: The narrator was a 30 year old businessman, Who along with his family set from Plymouth, England, on a round the world voyage like captain James cook had done 200 years earlier in a 30- ton wooden hulled boat.

Question 2. Hoe did they prepare for this dangerous task ?

Answer: For 16 years, they spent all their leisure time improving their seafaring skills in British water. They bought a boat, Wavewalker, a 23 meter, 30 ton wooden hulled vessel that had been professionally built. They spent months fitting it out and testing it in the roughest weather that they could find.

Question3. How many peoples were there in the boat?

Answer: The four of them the narrator, his wife Mary, son Jonathan and his daughter Suzane sailed for 10500 km to the west coast of Africa to Cape town. They took on two crewmen with them an American. Larry and a Swiss, Herb, before setting sail on the southern Indian ocean.

Question4. What was the first indicator of rough weather?

Answer: On their second day out of Cape town, they encountered strong winds for the sext few weeks, the gales blew continuously. The gales did not worry the narrator but the size of the waves were distrubing.

Question5. What ordeal awaited then on 3 January?

Answer: After they celebrated Christmas, the weather changed for the worse. On the early morning of 2 January, the waves became huge. As the ship rose to the top of each wave, they could see the vast sea rolling towards them. The wind seemed to be howling.

Question6. What measures did they take to counter this ordeal?

Answer: They dropped the storm jib and lashed a heavy mooring rope in a loop across the stem to slow the boat, and then double lashed everything, went through their life raft drill, attached lifelines, put on oilskins and like jackets.

Question 7. What happened on the evening of 2 January?

Answer: On the evening of 2 January there was a lull before the storm. A the sky grew dark, they heared a growing roar and saw a massive cloud rising at the rear of the ship. To their dismay, it was a huge wave, almost twice the height of other waves with a fearsome breaking top.

Question 8. What happened when they tried to ride over the wave ?

Answer: When they tried to ride over the wave there was a loud blast that shook the deck. Water gushed over the ship, the narrator’s head hit the wheel and he was thrown overboard into the water. He accepted his impending death, and while he was loosing consciousness, he felt peaceful.

Question9. How did the narrator get back to the ship after having been thrown into the sea?

Answer: After the narrator felt he was losing consciousness, his head suddenly popped out of the water. A few meters away he saw Wavewalker, nearly overturned. Then, a wave threw it upright. He grabbed the guardrails and sailed through the air into Wavewalker’s main boom. The wave tossed him into the deck like a rag doll.

Question10. How did manage to throw out water from the ship ?

Answer: With the narrator’s wife, Mary, at the wheel, the narrator half swam, half crawled into the children’s cabin, where he found a hammer, screws and canvas, and struggled back on deck. He secured waterproof hatch cover across the wide open holes with Herb and Larry assistance, he managed to throw out the water.

Class 11 English chapter 2 Question answers

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